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Walking Away from the Armageddon
Hi ,
Firstly, I want to thank all of you who so kindly and generously chatted with me about what you’d like me to offer going forward, and also those of you who completed the survey. I’m creating something new for you and it will be ready for us to play with by the end of July.

Now, onto what’s happening this week ….

We’ve been conditioned to believe the earth is a commodity owned by others. But the earth always has been, and continues to be, our home. Humans have lived through so many cycles for over a million years on our beautiful planet-home. Imagine all the love affairs, children born, meals shared, art created!

Since the beginning, humans have worked with the cycles of life - the Moon, menstruation, birth and death. Until, about 5000 years ago, we decided to add in a little story called The Armageddon. What fun! Instead of ongoing cycles, we shifted to a linear path of destruction, and a new game called grab as much stuff as you can before you die! All the cultural nuance that wove us into the reality that is life on earth was jettisoned for this new wild ride of ‘conquest and die’.

It’s time to step away from the Armageddon-based thinking. That’s not as easy as it sounds, it is woven through our culture with such subtlety.

This week, Saturn has returned to the Gate of Revolution (49), marking the end of a cycle. In the old way of thinking, endings are disasters. But when we feel down into our deep ancestral knowing, in every ending something new stirs.

Saturn in the Gate of Revolution is not just revealing a new personal cycle. It’s an awakening of long dormant evolutionary muscles. Our ability to stay in touch with reality, to cast off what is done and move with what is arising. We became so accustomed to looking up to our leaders for certainty that we lost our ability to trust in life. Saturn brings a momentous shift in conscious awareness and a new, deeply personal, relationship with reality.

Deep change is not easy. We can feel as if we are trying to adapt to the moment and yet it’s not quite enough. We might fall into the trap of maneuvering for the best advantage we can get in the circumstances, rather than tapping into the deeper core of ourselves and moving with its flow.

This moment is much more than you may realise. It is about choosing to step away from the entire sphere of conflict and into the life-giving energy of uncertainty and paradox as it flows through you. True change can only arise from your deepest core, and requires alertness rather than certainty.

Lachesis, one of the three Moiras or Fates, sits right on Saturn this week. She helps out when we are afraid to let go. She interrupts our expected linear progress, forcing us to face our inner conflicts and thrusts us into a restored sense of flow.

HOW we move forward is important right now. This week’s Full Moon, on 13th July, is complex, and gives us clues about the HOW.

You can access the Taraka Full Moon chart here -

Small experiments

On 13 July, the Sun joins Jupiter (in 17) and Ceres (in 62). The Earth and Moon make a channel with Kaali (destruction), and connect to the Nodes (destiny). This Full Moon not only echoes the idea of deep personal transformation within the greater story of life, but also tells us something about HOW we take these next steps.

Jupiter and Ceres ask us to experiment with what makes life worth living. We need to question our established beliefs, about ourselves and our place in the wider world.

We each have our own truth. This Full Moon tells us clearly - truth is never certain and has more questions than answers. The isolation that has come from having to protect ourselves, fragment ourselves, to survive means we have some unlearning to do.

There is so much paradox around this week. One is a Full Moon (completions) activating Jupiter (expansion) in the channel of taking small steps (17/62). But Jupiter is more than just making things bigger and better. He brings opportunity and renews our faith so we can take advantage of it.

This time doesn’t call for us to follow the way of tyrants - conquering, forcing, seeking large success on our own terms. Instead it asks us to play small, to seek small success, to notice each small transition, to allow the whole world to show us the way forward.

This is the binding of the individual into the larger cosmic context, an integral part of our evolutionary process. When we move this way we are enlarged by our connections, whilst surrendering nothing of ourselves. It is about experimenting, iterating, trying out our new selves as we create a new world.

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A Major Tipping Point

Jumping forward a bit, on 1st August something extraordinary happens. Mars, Uranus and North Node all line up in gate 2.6. I'll write more about this before it happens, but we know Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, Mars is action and the North Node is destiny, so expect it to be a tipping point! You are probably already feeling the energy building.

Taraka chart -

Kaali is there as well, in gate 2.6. As the partner of Shiva, Kaali takes the unformed potential of matter and our individualised creative energy (kundalini) and makes it move. She represents the fullness of time, the time when things are complete, the changing aspect of nature that brings things to life or death. Kaali supports us in understanding our proper creative role, when and how to act.

Gate 2 line 6 is the place of inner conflict, where we try to force ourselves into action rather than accept the endless generosity of the cycles of life. It is the place where our kundalini meets our heart, and awakens the Magnetic Monople of our life geometry.

There is something in all of this about overthrowing tyrants, finding a new and different relationship with each other and with life itself. We don’t live, can’t survive, by force and domination. We find our direction through all of this confusion by having the humility to notice where we stand, who we are standing with, and where we are being led.

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