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It's now or never
Hi chef,

My kids loved Eminem (okay, I did too), and while I've never believed you can blow the moment, this line sums up perfectly where we are right now:

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

I mentioned chaos in last week’s newsletter. Mars and Uranus create unexpected events, but Venus soothes relationships and I’ve been interested to notice how calm and united NATO seems to be in responding to the awful events in Ukraine.

There's a lot going on, so go get a cup of something and read slowly!

A grassroots movement for peace

Mercury and Saturn are in the Gate of Fellowship as I write this, bringing a swelling grassroots response, perhaps inspired by the people of Ukraine. Gate 13 is all about coming together to share our stories and find common ground, it is an amalgamation of all the 'clans' of humanity.

Saturn in line 6 says This is a wide open space with enough room for everyone to be as they are without friction, a shared interest that sets past conflicts in perspective.

I watched a video this morning of Ukraine soldiers letting the young Russian soldiers know they will be taken care of if they surrender, out of recognition that this is Putin's doing and not theirs. It's a peeling away of 'people power' from authoritarian control. People see through their leaders, demanding a better response from NATO countries, out in the streets protesting. Russian and Ukranian hackers have joined forces to dismantle Putin's cyber resources. Russian television was broadcasting the Ukranian anthem for some time yesterday. You've got to love that.

Putin is threatening nuclear war, that's Mars and Pluto. But Venus will soothe the waters, and Jupiter brings a pathway through.

The key takeaway here is that people care, that they have the courage and resources to take collaborative action to challenge existing power structures. We'll see more of this between now and 2025, not all so violent.

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Look beyond the limitations - It's now or never

Mars and Venus have one more week of their close travels before they begin to move apart, and this week they are connecting with Pluto. They meet up in the Channel of Mutation, drawing fresh new patterns out of the potential of the quantum vacuum. Mars and Pluto can indicate violence, but Venus brings opportunity for a new level of relationship to come from the clash.

The limitations in this channel are here to show what we have outgrown - old dreams, old relationships, old beliefs. Don’t look at the limitations in your life and imagine they are the horizon, they are showing you what you need to look beyond. Limitations are the preconditions for breakthrough. We are not the victims in this place of limitation, but master creators.

Almost everyone I talked to last week told me how much they felt they’d missed their chance in life, left things too late. That’s Rhiphonos. He’s a centaur. You might know Chiron is a centaur. You might now realize there’s a lot more of them, and that they are really significant in your Design. I’ll be sharing more about centaurs with you soon.

Rhiphonos was activated in February’s Full Moon on 16 February. He was in gate 46.4, The Earth and Moon were in gate 29.4. Rhiphonos sends us an important message - it's now or never! Rediscover your passion, recover from those wrong turns and dead ends you’ve experienced. This time you can really make it!

But we are in a transitional state and it’s fragile. If you push forward too hard now you may carry through old patterns you haven’t quite identified yet. It's like we've woken up in a maze and we need to feel our way out into the open.

Or perhaps think of it as a labyrinth, Ariadne (queen of the labyrinth) has just gone into the gate of initiation (51) as I am writing this!

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash
New Moon 2 March 2022 - a fragile transition

This week’s New Moon is in the Head Centre, a place of innovative new ways of thinking. Gate 63 is Completion. Gate 64 is what happens after we’re done, that moment between the ending and new beginning when we don’t have a clue what’s going on. This is a fragile situation, the seeds of decay are unravelling what we thought was stable and reliable in our lives.

There are two things to watch for.

The first thing is what’s new. Treat it with great care, don’t presume on it growing into anything in particular, but PLEASE do believe these fresh new roots in your life are REAL!

The second thing is what’s old. You don’t have to engage, certainly not in the ways you previously would have. But you do have to aware of what you need to walk away from.

Another centaur, Nessus, is joining Jupiter in gate 63.4 this week. Nessus evokes an inner transformation, sometimes through crisis, that demands you cut through and act. This lines up with the Rhiphonos message - this time make sure you step up!

If you’re feeling confused, that’s gate 64. It’s likely there are past situations where you didn’t have time to fully comprehend what you experienced. And it’s also likely that there were times you didn’t have someone to take your part, so you are still feeling it was somehow your fault. Give yourself time to see the full picture, especially any ways of looking at your life that you might have suppressed, parts of you wanting to tell a different kind of story about what’s happening.

If you’re feeling self-doubt, get specific. Instead of thinking it’s you who’s wrong, ask yourself what it is about the situation that troubles me and why? Something is wrong and you haven’t been able to know what, because you learnt not to think about things in a way that makes sense to you, learnt not to be conscious of things you do know and that are important to you. Do some exploration of your own perceptions.

What you didn’t get to complete - Neptune in the Gate of Wounded Brightness

And speaking of crises and transitions, Neptune will shift into gate 36 on 7 March. This is a moment for the opening of the vault of secrets. I’ve put the link to the Neptune article below, you can read the full story there. There are so many incomplete experiential cycles within each one of us. They cause us to keep creating crisis after crisis because unconsciously we are calling for help.

We live in a society that encourages us to hold a whole lot on the inside, lest we be considered mad or out of control, a nuisance or too much trouble. Neptune will spend the next 2 years helping us access and complete those emotional cycles.

I'll share more on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction next week.

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